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Spring is the Best Time For Parging Repairs Because it Ensures That There Are No Spring Leaks in Your Foundation

One of the worst things that comes with the Spring thaw is the possibility that your foundation has moved slightly over the spring and that crack that you've been worried about has spread a little wider and no doubt will leak sooner than later. Not to worry, call us today and prevent those cracks from leaking now. 

"I was attracted by the spring pricing but skeptical... Your guys did a great job. Glad I went ahead!" Peter Singleton, Mayfair, Calgary


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Parging Services in Calgary: Repairs of Concrete Foundation Walls

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Is your foundation crumbling, chipping or cracking? Does your Calgary home need a facelift? When it comes in parging repair and services in Calgary and surrounding areas, Calgary Parging is the trusted contractor.

We have years of experience providing parging services to residential and commercial properties in Calgary. We have a team of highly experienced parging experts and contractors that offers excellent repairs and services.

Part of what makes our parging repair and services exceptional is that we provide free estimates for all of our work. Get your estimate today!

Your One Stop Parging Contractor

Whether you need parging service or concrete foundation wall repairs, Calgary Parging has all your needs covered. In addition to our parging repairs and services, we are also a trusted contractor for stucco repairs and other home improvement services in Calgary.

What is Parging?

Parging is this coat of cement plaster that is found on foundation walls. Poured concrete foundations are typically smooth enough that they don’t require parging until such time that they develop a crack. Parging is used to stop the deterioration of concrete or masonry.

Why your property needs parging repair and services?

When there’s a crack in your foundation, there’s probably a leak not far behind. With all of the water problems that Calgary has been experiencing lately, you can’t be too cautious. Here are some of many reasons why your Calgary home needs parging.

  • A cost-effective and reliable solution
  • Insulation against elements
  • Protection against critters
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Strengthens your foundation
  • Preserves your building

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Protect your foundation and improve the look of your property with our excellent and reliable parging repair and foundation services.

Contact Calgay Parging and let our experts and contractors help you maintain the functionality and the look of your home today. Get your estimates and discover why Calgary Parging is the trusted parging contractor in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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