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Spring is the Best Time For Parging Repairs Because it Ensures That There Are No Spring Leaks in Your Foundation

One of the worst things that comes with the Spring thaw is the possibility that your foundation has moved slightly over the spring and that crack that you've been worried about has spread a little wider and no doubt will leak sooner than later. Not to worry, call us today and prevent those cracks from leaking now. 

"I was attracted by the spring pricing but skeptical... Your guys did a great job. Glad I went ahead!" Peter Singleton, Mayfair, Calgary


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Contact Top Concrete Companies in Calgary to stop Leakages

Concrete Companies in CalgaryConcrete Contractors in Calgary

Many opt for concrete floors but very few understand the benefits of sealing those concrete. Sealing concrete ensures that it can withstand strong forces like adverse weather changes, grease etc. and makes it easier to maintain and clean it. It not only protects the concrete but also enhances and preserves its appearance. Thus, it is resistant to all kinds of wear and tears with an added sheen on the surface that enhances its appearance. But the sealing only works if it is applied properly and hence, the search for concrete companies in Calgary ensues.
At Calgary Parging, we pay special attention to the application process and ensure that those sealers protect and prolong the longevity of concrete. As concrete contractors in Calgary, we judge the concrete and only then, suggest the best type of sealant suitable for your purpose. With us, you can rest assured that all your concrete sealing needs are met.

Understand the various types of sealers

Residential concrete Calgary uses various types of sealers to protect concrete driveways, floors etc. These variations depend on various categories. Concrete sealers are categorically divided into different types. Some are divided as coloured sealers, while others are dependent on function and material.

Some of the different types of sealers that concrete contractors in Calgary use are stated below:

- Clear concrete sealers- to display the handiwork of coloured concrete

- Tinted sealers- Typically to hide certain flows and/or provide for a makeover.

- Topical sealers- That enhance the aesthetic value and provide protection for the surface

- Penetrating sealers- For dry or damp surfaces that penetrate the surface and reacts with the concrete to protect it from damage.

- Acrylic sealers- Simple and easily available material that is the cheapest.

What are the conditions for the application of sealers?

When you opt for our services as your concrete contractors in Calgary, be prepared to be informed about the necessary conditions that would determine the nature of your sealant. Listed below are some such conditions to look into:

- Is it compatible with the decorative colouring or material that is available on its surface? Otherwise, the sealer will react with these elements and make bubbles, or  bleed colour which will ruin the purpose of the application.
- Kind of conditions it will be exposed to. For example, for a driveway, you will require concrete contractors in Calgary to use a sealer that repeals oil or grease stains.
- Concrete cost in Calgary is one of the primary factors to consider when choosing a sealant.

Why choose us at Calgary Parging?

When you recruit the services of concrete companies in Calgary, you expect them to use the best sealant possible to protect your concrete floors. With us, you can rest assured about that factor. At Concrete Parging, we pay special heed to your needs. Our experienced concrete contractors in Calgary have handled thousands of such jobs and hence, can provide the best solution to seal your concrete.

If you have any questions or want to recruit our help, turn to our website and contact us immediately. We will immediately get back to you with our solution and seal your concrete!

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